Episode 49 – Janelle’s Perspective: Leaving My Church; NOT Leaving Youth Ministry

After 23 years at the same church, I’m leaving my church. In the end, it’s not just me leaving. My family joins me. More specifically, my wife Janelle has played a crucial role in this whole story of transition. She joins me today as we talk through her side of the story.

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Episode 48 – The Big Announcement; Leaving My Church; Not Youth Ministry

On Thursday, September 26 news went public that I am leaving my church. You may be saying, “WHAAAAAAA?” Fortunately, this is not your normal “Youth pastor got fired/ burns out/ can’t get along with his/her church” story.

Today’s episode in Three Acts to share my story of making one of the biggest transitions of my life:
ACT 1: The Announcement – A reading of my letter to the Church family and friends (with some wicked sweet music underneath – slightly too self-important – but give me a a little latitude y’all; it’s been 23 years!)

ACT 2: The Explanation – There is no back story on this all in the sense of anything toxic, bad blood, etc., but there is a fuller story than 5 paragraphs can unfold. I take a little time to lay out a timeline dating back three years in how I see God preparing me for this move.

ACT 3: The Interview – My good friends Andrew Larsen and Timothy Miller from The Morning After Ministry Podcast asked me a ton of questions about this move. Including a big one: So what now with this podcast?

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Episode 47 – Meet Carter Ammerman

Do you have that kid or kids from a unique or rough home situation? Carter was one of those kids who entered our ministry. Now as a youth pastor serving at Brenneman Memorial Missionary Church in Goshen, IN, he and I look back on those years to highlight some lessons learned from his experience where the church became his family in so many ways. STAY TUNED FOR A SPECIAL EPISODE COMING SOON TO TALK ABOUT SOME BIG NEWS. Listen to “47: Meet Carter Ammerman” on Spreaker.

Episode 46 – Meet John Keim

He’s at the host church for Student Leadership Conference. He’s only worked at one church for 15 years. He a great dude and a great friend with some strong wisdom to pass your way. Listen all the way through on this way, because there is pure gold toward the end.
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Episode 45 – 5 Thoughts for Youth Ministers Heading into this School Year

You’ve got your entire school year planned out, I’m sure. BUT, I want to throw out 5 thoughts to consider as you walk through another ministry year. There are a lot of youth ministry-focused podcast, but this is a youth minister-focused podcast.

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Listen To God Interactive Worship Experience: https://www.downloadyouthministry.com/listen-to-god

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Episode 44 – Summer Youth Ministry Reflections

It’s been a crazy and full Summer for me on many fronts. Has it been for you? Have you taken time to reflect and evaluate? I take some time (while on the road, sorry for the added road and engine sounds) to share some reflections on the importance of reflecting!

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Episode 42 – What We Do With Summer Camps Pt. 2

It’s Camp Season. Be intentional with it. In part 2 I walk through some specific things we’ve done with Camps to move toward our four goals with Camp that I outlined on Episode 41.

For Episode 43 I’m going to answer your questions about Camp. Submit those questions through social media, email, or on the DYM Podcast Network site (links below)

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Episode 40 – Youth Ministry Turnover

Two Thoughts. One Question. On Prayer.
I take some time to reflect on the amount of situations and stories surrounding youth ministers leaving their church or losing their job over the past few months. What is happening? Is the youth ministry sky falling? How should we respond?

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My conversation with Justin Knowles about partnering with Children’s Minsitry on the Youth Ministry Hacks Podcast:
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