Episode 48 – The Big Announcement; Leaving My Church; Not Youth Ministry

On Thursday, September 26 news went public that I am leaving my church. You may be saying, “WHAAAAAAA?” Fortunately, this is not your normal “Youth pastor got fired/ burns out/ can’t get along with his/her church” story.

Today’s episode in Three Acts to share my story of making one of the biggest transitions of my life:
ACT 1: The Announcement – A reading of my letter to the Church family and friends (with some wicked sweet music underneath – slightly too self-important – but give me a a little latitude y’all; it’s been 23 years!)

ACT 2: The Explanation – There is no back story on this all in the sense of anything toxic, bad blood, etc., but there is a fuller story than 5 paragraphs can unfold. I take a little time to lay out a timeline dating back three years in how I see God preparing me for this move.

ACT 3: The Interview – My good friends Andrew Larsen and Timothy Miller from The Morning After Ministry Podcast asked me a ton of questions about this move. Including a big one: So what now with this podcast?

Mentioned in the show:
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