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... but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.

These iconic words from Liam Neeson's character in the movie Taken encapsulate why Derry is devoting the second half of his ministry life to serving ministry leaders (just this part of the quote and not the part about hunting down and killing kidnappers). 

His 26 years in the local church were lived inside two locations; spending 23 years at Nappanee Missionary Church in Northern Indiana and 3 years at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He has experienced the joys of longevity and the power of diving in for a short assignment at a church in need of a transitional leader. He has also faced the challenges,  pains, and pitfalls that come with pouring his life into the next generation and those who invest in them. He is a respected and sought out author, speaker, and mentor to many in the ministry world.

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Derry and Janelle met while attending Bethel University (Mishawaka, IN) and were married in May 2000. After seven years of walking through the struggles and heartbreak of infertility, God began to weave a miracle story through three adoptions and a surprise pregnancy. With two in high school, one in middle School, and one in elementary school, there is NEVER a dull moment at home. The Prenkert 6 currently call Wakarusa, Indiana their home.


26 years in the local church

250+ resources on DYM

14 Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

28 states represented in YML Cohort

3 Countries represented in YML Cohort

GRADUATE of Bethel University (Mishawaka, Indiana) 1999

AUTHOR of more than 250 resources on Download Youth Ministry

TYPE 1 DIABETIC since age 14

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